“True to its name “NOMAD”, they have a complete freedom in the vast repertoire. One of the best and the most radical ensembles in Japan.” – The Stereo Magazine


 Formed in 1997, Ensemble NOMAD has been highly acclaimed both nationally and internationally as one of the leading ensembles in the world specializing in the 20th-century and contemporary music. Led by Norio Sato (guitarist/conductor), Ensemble NOMD has brought to life many compositions that are rarely performed but are sure to become 20th- and 21th-century classics. True to its name, Ensemble NOMAD is infinitely flexible and spontaneous in programming the concerts, and the regular concerts, now approaching 60, at Tokyo Opera City have become the "events" that cannot be missed in the contemporary music scene in Japan. For its unique programming and high-quality performance, Ensemble NOMAD was awarded the “KEIZO SAJI Prize” in 2003, and “The Vienna Philharmonic and Suntory Music Aid Award” in 2014 from the Suntory Cultural Foundation.

 Ensemble NOMAD’s fields of activity is growing rapidly overseas, starting with the invitation to Amsterdam in autumn 2000 to perform at Gaudeamus Week. Since, the ensemble has made appearances in music festivals in Venezuela, Mexico, France, Belgium, Britain, Korea, China, the Netherlands and Estonia, and future invitations include Finland, Germany and Switzerland. In recent years, the ensemble has launched its community engagement programs, in which the ensemble visits schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes to share the joy of music with those who have limited access to concerts and concert venues.

 Ensemble NOMAD’s performance can be heard on CDs. 17 CDs have been released of works by leading Japanese composers, Jo Kondo, Hidemi Ishida, Norio Fukushi and Shinichiro Ikebe. Oversesas’ releases include “Bestiario”, and “Pruebas de vida”, 2 CDs of chamber compositions by a Mexican composer Hebert Vazquez. The original album “Meguru” with a selection of original arrangements was released in May 2014. The latest releases are the “Contemporary Chinese Composers” series from ALM Records which have been selected for the “Recommended Listening” by Asahi Newspaper, and for the “Recommended Albums” by Record Geijutsu Music Magazine.